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Forerunner in real-time experience insight

You should use your time for providing great customer experiences, not analyzing spreadsheets Make informed business decisions based on automated insight just when you need it. Customer service, sales, delivery, maintenance or HR, we’ve got the tools to help you succeed.

Fewer questions, more insight, all at the right time

Our research tools target your customers at just the right point in their journey with just the right questions for them and you. Automated alerts enable you to react when necessary and fully automated real-time reporting gives you just the information you need.

Continuous agile development

Fast deployment, multiple ready API’s and innovative development. Starting your path to real-time insight is quick and easy.

Feedback is more accurate when the experience is fresh

By targeting your customers at just the right time you gain the ability to create outstanding experiences and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Real-time dashboards bridging the gap between detailed and easy-to-understand

Our dashboards able you to visualize your performance and highlight issues and opportunities. Transparent and easy-to-access information enables autonomous development.

Automated reporting creates time for creativity

Experq’s automated reporting drastically reduces manual work spent on crushing data and sharing information. Human time is better spent on finding ways to improve than on manual data analysis. Automated, targeted, personal and relevant - that’s how reporting should be.

Case Mehiläinen: customer insights leading business development in health care

"With NPS-system provided by Experq, we measure customer experience in healthcare services automatically and in real-time. We get detailed information about our service quality and are able to react to feedback quickly. Customer experience at Mehiläinen is at excellent level and continuous measurement enables us to keep it that way also in the future."

- Mehiläinen Oy

Our APIs allow easy deployment

Getting started is easy and simple. With our API’s you will get Mirror running up in no time. Our technical support is always available to help and answer your questions.