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How to lead experience real time in events?

At Europe's biggest startup event customer experience is continuously improved on-site.

What is Slush?

Slush is Europe's largest investor and growth company event. It's held once a year. Over 20,000 visitors will participate in the two day event. Thousands of startups and about 2,000 investors are participated.

How to measure experience in events?

Feedback is collected from customers when they log on to the event's WiFi network. When a customer logs in to the network for the first time, a query window opens.

Information was also collected from Slush volunteers. Volunteers have the opportunity to post feedback via the slush application where the experience questionnaire was embedded. The questions were categorized into different categories for a better understanding of different parts of the experience.

Real time experience development

Slush reserves the resources for real-time processing of experience. Customer experience is developed on-site and event organizers get a realistic view of customer opinions. Problems can be tackled immediately and problems can be solved proactively.