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Success behind Mehiläinen is not a coincidence but result of hard work.

Health care giant Mehiläinen is a catalyst in leading customer experience in health care.


Mehiläinen has 9000 employees and practitioners and 3,4 million patient visits per year. Mehiläinen was searching for a solution that would give them real-time data about the customer journey. After a trial period Mehiläinen moved to continuous use of the service and has expanded usage to over 120 different internal divisions. 


SaaS –solution for continuous and automatic customer experience gathering via SMS (includes both numerical and free text feedback gathering). Sending tied to reservation information, with a very high portion of customers receiving an SMS after customers visit to healthcare centre. Real-time analytics & campaign management backend enables online viewing (both numerical and sentimental) as well as bringing out raw data either manually or automatically to external systems. Nearly every employee has access to data in some format. Data visualization & refining done via dashboards (in intranet and on the website) & custom reporting development.


Mehiläinen is able to follow customer sentiment in real time. Problems can be addressed immediately. A wide range of use for the customer sentiment data in service development, marketing,  reward systems and data analytics. Experq’s service enables Mehiläinen to manage the Customer Insight Program in a versatile fashion and develop it further. The answer rate has always been very high compared to competing solutions and has remained high for the duration of the relationship.