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Tenant experience drives the direction of development and drives service development with service providers.

What is Hoas?

Hoas, the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region is the largest student housing foundation in Finland. Founded in 1969 it has an annual revenu of 70 million, 9400 aparments, 20.000 tenants and 10.000 new rental agreements per year.

Measurement as soon as you walk in the door

Student expectations of housing have developed rapidly within the last few decades and changes in student benefits have changed the landscape of student housing. Student’s today seek less and less for the least expensive housing solution and more and more want a nice, liveable home with a wide array of services.

Hoas wanted to improve their understanding of their customers’ needs, create a more positive brand image and incentivize their partners to deliver a high quality service.

Tenant experience is measured as soon as a new tenant receives the keys to their new apartment. When experience is measured as close to the service event as possible Hoas gets a relevant, realistic view of the customers’ sentiment.


A holistic view

Hoas uses recieved information to business development. With the measurement, decisions and changes in processes, brand and contracts can be based on researched data.

Accumulated information is reported weekly to the right person. The reports are automatically complied in Mirror, which takes time out from manually compiling and searching information to reports.

Leading with knowledge

Hoas käyttää saamaansa tietoa liiketoiminnan kehittämiseen. Mittauksen myötä päätökset ja muutokset prosessien, brändin ja sopimusten suhteen voidaan perustaa tutkitulle tiedolle.

Keskeiset tunnusluvut, kuten keskiarvot, mediaanit, trendit jne raportoidaan kunnossapidon kehityksestä ja sopimuksista vastaaville henkilöille. Raportit koostetaan Mirrorissa automaattisesti, jolloin aikaa ei kulu turhaan raportin koostamiseen ja tiedon etsimiseen.