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Gather, analyze and gain understanding

Mirror is a modern omnichannel system for fact-based management. It helps your business develop its activities to meet the needs of your customers. Exceeding the expectations of customers and meeting their needs increases sales and improves the image of your company. The automation and customization of the system helps to optimize your business processes and follow in real-time how changes affect your operations.

Multiple channel options

Mirror enables multichannel experience measurement. Depending on the industry and measurement point we help you to choose a channel which maximises the amount of quality feedback.

To create a real-time view and high response rate we have in use many battle tested channels such as SMS, email, WIFI, and web-tools.

Features built into Mirror help to collect data at a good time so that information is as accurate as possible. We help to define the rules of collection so that the collected data improves the understanding of customer experience and helps to detect and drill in to possible problems.



Full automation of repeating tasks

Automation of both data collection and analysis frees up time for business development. Mirror sends questionnaires automatically and visualises the collected data with graphs, charts and dashboards, saving precious time from professionals.

Targeted questionnaires and personalized reporting using background data

Mirror improves reporting by collecting data and sending customized reports to the target groups you have defined. Information flows to the correct people at the correct time without extra work. Automatic alarms enable fast reaction to feedback. Customizable business rules allow alerts when feedback requires rapid reacting to.

Easy-to-use instant analysis

Mirror separates quantitative and qualitative feedback. Qualitative data can be analyzed instantly with a graphical analysis interface and free feedback is organized in segmented tables for easy access.


Creating trust with transparency

Displaying the collected data on the website of the company or in internal channels using dashboards is a great way to show transparency and enable autonomous development. Dashboards make interpreting complex data easy and enable understanding the current performance of the company with a quick look. Dashboards stay up-to-date automatically and present the changes in the chosen metrics. It’s possible to customize the visuals of the dashboard to match any graphical guidelines.

Flexible API's

Mirror will interface with existing CRM, sales, reservation or project management systems to gather necessary data. The background data available through the systems is tied to individual events. Each experience can be examined on a concrete level and results can be analyzed based on background info such as age, customer segment or purchased product.

Data enriched with background information helps understand customer experience on a more detailed level. Rich data enables deeper analysis and produces more valuable knowledge and understanding. Planning business strategy and changes in functions can then be based on quality research.