Experq WIFI quality control

Use customer feedback data, to make sure your network meets the requirements of demaning consumers. Use the data to sign more venues, and keep existing venues happy.

Experq WIFI visitor tool

Enable a customer feedback channel over WIFI. Visitors are redirected to a captive portal, where they can find a feedback channel. Greatly improves customer satisfaction and initiates a sold dialogue with visitors.

Automated marketing tools

We can redirect positive feedback to external sites, such as Expedia, TripAdvisor or Facebook.

Get in touch and partner with us!

We have worked with several venues; cafés, hotels, restaurants and event organizers, and can confirm that there’s a growing demand for easy-to-use customer feedback tools. Our partner would be able to offer a great value add service to venue owners, which would greatly improve customer satisfaction of visitors and increase sales through real time recommendations. We would pay you a good margin from the service fee, creating a solid and ongoing cash flow for your company.


    • Monthly SaaS
    • Modular extra features
    • Data inflows & outflows
    • Link to captive portal
    • In-App feedback
    • Remote control and usage via backend
    • Automated responses and reports
    • Respond to customer issues in real time
    • Increase your volume of feedback tenfold
    • Monitor and improve all areas of hotel management
    • Increase customer recommendations and rebookings

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