The call centre of Blue1 received a lot of daily feedback through phone, as well as email, which took a large amount of resources from the company as a whole. Additionally, different departments did their own customer research and there was no centralized way to measure and manage the customer experience. At the same time, they wanted more customers to their Eurobonus program. Blue1 then implemented a service concept change and began to reach for the reputation of the friendliest airline in the Nordics. A realtime and sensible way to measure customer experience was needed, especially during this change. The experience of 1,2 million yearly customers became a priority.


A program of realtime customer experience management was created. After each flight, airline customers received a SMS with a question about, for example, the pilot, service or comfort of the flight. Satisfied customers that were not Eurobonus members were redirected to the sales team. Employees could see the customer satisfaction from every flight in real time using a screen located in break rooms. The results were categorized using plane type, route or class of travel, as well as other parameters. The key customer team could see the satisfaction of different levels of customers and manage resources accordingly. Feedback of customers was automatically published to the website and the information was used by various departments, including service development, HR, marketing, call centre, management, flight staff and sales. With this, the customer feedback could be utilized at every level.


750 000 customers sent SMS feedback in a year. And even though there was more feedback than before, the call center used 25% less time to process all of it. In the same year, the sales to Eurobonus members increased significantly. In addition, an expanded understanding of customer desire, the ability to serve different levels of customers and target services to them, was produced. Employees were themselves able to improve customer service, because they could personally see feedback in real time.