Hotel Helka has 100 rooms and about 60 000 customers spend a night there each year. Helka conducted a yearly customer satisfaction survey but the need was to develop a realtime solution to collect feedback. Most customers were repeat customers, in other words, they were valuable and the hotel wanted to keep their satisfaction high. In addition, they wanted to increase the number of personal travellers through online reservation channels.




A multichannel solution was created that included SMS, WIFI and PAD feedback. Sending an SMS was tied to the reservation system, meaning customers received a text after their visit that asked about the hotel experience. An alarm for negative feedback was sent to customer service, who then contacted the customer directly. The feedback solution was tied to the wireless network of the hotel. For this solution a captive portal was used to make the user answer one changing feedback question. In this case an alarm for negative comments was sent to reception, which would then handle them during the visit. Additionally, a pad device was put to the lobby in which customers could freely give continuous feedback. Verifiably satisfied customers were encouraged to recommend Helka in recommendation marketing channels.




This multichannel solution increased the amount of feedback 20 fold. During two years nearly 40 000 responses have been collected. The yearly customer satisfaction survey was dropped in favour of this feedback solution. The Tripadvisor ranking of Helka improved by 13 positions. Revenues from digital channels increased by 15%. A new culture focused on customer experience emerged. The staff could react to the problems of the customers immediately, and through that greatly improve customer experience.