Customer experience matters a lot in the app business. It is an industry where retention is one of the key KPIs and companies strive every day to create a smoother experience for the users. Every day users are pondering whether to keep your app on their device or not. 

Because the companies that make apps are typically data-driven, they have quite a lot of data to see what are the sticking points that lead to lowered retention. However, the importance of user feedback is often ignored. Sure many apps ask the users to rate them in the App Store or Google Play to improve their ASO (App Store Optimization). But once bad feedback is out in the open, you cannot delete it. Angry users might post their comments just because they were not listened to before.

What is the best way to prevent this? By constantly measuring the feedback from users and combining that data with the app data. This way you can see a full 360-degree view of the reasons that make or brake your app. How about dividing your user base into segments and prompting each user to answer a micro poll and give free feedback. This way you could get to measure a pulse that constantly changes. How about also creating a live dashboard? Then it would be easy to react to negative feedback and learn and get inspired from the feedback as a whole.