Experq recently provided the feedback gathering services for our partner Tourism South East at their Annual General Meeting. We were also lucky enough to be asked to present our approach to an audience of tourist industry leaders and practitioners from across the south of the UK.

The AGM was held at the Mill in Sonning, a picturesque theatre built into a converted flour mill on the river Thames. The mill is from the 18th century but there has been a mill at this point in the river since before William the Conqueror recorded it in the Domesday book.

Starting with the business of the AGM, we were then treated to insightful presentations on the state of the tourism industry from Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Executive of the British Hospitality Association and Kurt Janson from the Tourism Alliance. There were then presentations from other businesses as varied as English Wine Estates, Coastal attractions and eco-friendly B&B’s. All of which reinforced our belief that customer feedback and insight is essential for driving customer satisfaction and advocacy in this highly fickle, discretionary industry. Ufi pointing out that tourism is the biggest UK industry sector both by numbers employed and by revenue generated.

Mirror was used to gather feedback on all the presentations. Using network extenders to ensure consistent WiFI coverage across the AGM, we created a captive portal containing the satisfaction survey. Three sets of questions were deployed, one general set about the mill and its neighbours to show attendees how Mirror worked, one set about the morning presenters and an afternoon set about the TSE Social Media and Google Analytics workshops. Overall against an audience of over 100 we achieved a 35% response rate, about ten times the usual response for paper satisfaction surveys.

During our presentation of the business issues addressed by Mirror two themes emerged from the audience, the first being how to deal with bad reviews on social media sites and secondly the march of technology and how always on mobile internet is changing society. A key use of Mirror, of course, being to identify and address customer dissatisfaction while they are still in the customer journey rather than waiting for thousands of ex-customers to read about the failing on TripAdvisor later.

Further information about TSE, its AGM and the Experq presentation are on the TSE website below.