Mirror Reflect

To use customer insight, you must first collect it! Our comprehensive gathering and analysis suite is both simple and smart. Gather lots of feedback, see it quickly and act on it - the easiest way to improve your business. Set up and get measuring instantly!

Mirror Power

Want to know what specific types of customers think about your business? You’ll need smarter data! Our powerful API allows integration with most CRM-software out there, and our powerful dashboards keep you up to date 24/7. Mirror Power makes information flow transparent - both to you and your customers.

Mirror Enterprise

Utilize the full value of customer insight through automation and smart analytics. Enterprise brings valuable and actionable data for customer service, marketing, BI, sales, HR, communications and product development. Our experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure total customer satisfaction.






Pad feedback channel
Wi-Fi feedback channel
SMS feedback channel
QR-code feedback channel
Multi-language support
Free feedback view
Analysis toolkit
Excel export
Customer support
User levels
Customizable alerts  
Automated reports  
CRM integration  
SMS targeting by segments  
Multiple location support    
Employee-level personal reports    
Semantic analysis    
Private server deployment    
Two-way integrations    

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